Travel | The most perfect 24 Hours in NYC!

Travel | The most perfect 24 Hours in NYC!

Another day, another dollar. As well as another lunch break thinking of all the places I would rather be. *sigh*. 

I’ve seen this on a couple of blogs, and it got me thinking of my perfect 24hours and everything it would entail.

If I’m perfectly honest my first thought of the ideal prospect of being in bed all day, watching countless episodes of Gossip Girl whilst drowning in chocolate, but that’s boring so here we go.

8:30am – Wake up. Dressed and looking sassy!  Honestly I wouldn’t usually wake up this early, but I’d be in NYC for christ sake so of course it is necessary. 

9:30am – Breakfast. All the coffee in the world and a perfect breakfast style New York Bagel, bursting with egg yolk and bacon – mmmm! 

10:00am – Hit the Empire State Building. Where better to see the bustling city than from the top of one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan. Get a day & nite pass of course, because we will be coming back!!

11:30am – 5th Avenue. A whole avenue dedicated to shopping, peppered with historical buildings and landmarks. Its prime time to soak up the buzz of the city and pop in some stores too. I’ll be heading towards central park.

12:30pm – Lunch in Central Park / Explore. A beautiful setting for a quiet sit down and lunch. Who knew there was a part of the city so peaceful like it is here! Take a stroll and find some of the secret fountains, lakes, pools and boathouses. You need a map just for the park.

2:30pm – Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island. Catch the ferry over to Ellis Island and learn more history of New York. Going over in the late afternoon gives you better chances of catching the skyline at sunset / dusk. Watch the city come into more focus and the lights to appear – beautiful.

6pm – Make your way to Empire State….again. Might be knackered by this point, or your feet feel like they could fall right off. Catch the sub, taxi or walk, up to you. Make a few pit stops if you please. There are plenty along the way. But don’t feel too rushed, there is still plenty of time and still much to enjoy. Remember that day and nite ticket, well that will come to use.

7pm – Evening view from Empire State. You’re back here again but it will be a completely different experience. The city is getting dark and it really is beautiful from this height.

8:30pm – Dinner at the Stardust. Its the ultimate american diner, offering a service with a smile as well as a sing song. A burger, shake and fries is my meal of choice, and hopefuly a couple of tunes that I can bob along to.

10pm – Late night shopping in Times Square. Its a city that never sleeps, and I tend to rarely. Evening shops in Time Square are the best way to wind down any day. Find bargains and clothes you never would in the UK. I could spend hours alone in Forever 21.

Collapse in a heap and look forward to doing it all over again. You know, New York isn’t a holiday and I think anyone who goes is happy with that. Its tiring but amazing all at the same time. 
This imaginary day in New York City has been a blast to organise. Its kept me sane in my work break and hopeful for holidays to come. 

Have you been to NYC? 
Anything I should have crammed into my 24 hours? 

Anywhere else I should do a ‘perfect 24 hours’

Let me know and comment below! 

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