Wedding | Picking a date

Wedding | Picking a date

So you’ve picked your venue and figured out your budget. Now you kinda need a date, and I hate to tell you, this can be as easy or as hard as the previous two.

For us, this was harder than the venue.

We neither wanted a long engagement, but didn’t want to get married too soon and compromise on elements we wanted because of lack of money.

 Your budget will have a part to play in choosing your date, but so will so many other elements, especially when planning a wedding in the UK. And yes, I’m talking about the weather.

So what are my tips? 

Look at your wedding criteria, is there anything weather dependant? The good old English weather can never be fully anticipated, but limit the risks if wanting a dry day and set your date for summer time.

Consider what season you would prefer? Want snow to be falling when you leave the church? Beautiful blue skies for the flower toss? This all might help you determine a window of when you’d like to get married.

Theme. You might not have considered it fully, but you probably have a vague idea on a theme. Maybe you would prefer autumnal shades throughout your day? These are all underlying factors that can help you decide on a date.

Avaliability. Your venue might already have bookings. It may be open to weddings for certain parts of the year. This can all impact on the time of year / date you can book for your wedding, so bear this in mind.

Pricing. Weekdays can be cheaper then weekends, and off-peak seasons can see your venue price drop dramatically. Consider this seriously when looking at your date. I was looking at a October wedding on a Saturday, but could actually pay the same for a weekday wedding in the height of summer. Was a no brainer for us when wanting a outdoor wedding.

Picking a date can seem either a easy decison, or one of the hardest yet. Don’t take it lightly and consider everything possible when thinking of your date.

Did you find it hard choosing your date? 
Unsure when to get married still ? 
Comment below, I love hearing all your thoughts!

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