Weekly update – Being bloody happy!

Weekly update – Being bloody happy!

This weekly update is a little on the late side, and with good reason.

I have been applying for jobs for a couple months now, and I finally hit the jackpot last week. I have been looking for an opportunity within media ever since graduating, and this last 3 months, with wedding planning and looking to the future, I quickly realised  this wasn’t going to happen without either winning the lottery, or obtaining a career with a good pay cheque.
So the hunt for the next job commenced, and my god was it tough. The rather often rejection, the pain staking wait for a yes or no, and the amount of second interviews which highlighted more than ever, the company wasn’t the right fit for me.
I won’t dwell on my job hunting experience too much, hell I could, but that’s so much content It’s worth its own post. But I can tell you, I pulled through and I got a job, career and pay I could be proud of. Yayyyyyy! 

Hence my blog post title, because quiet simply I am bloody happy!

So what else has happened this week? Well not a lot, so it’s a good job these jobs paid off, just to give me some content for a weekly update post!

On the blog this upcoming week, there will be a lot of content, since it’s already scheduled and ready to go.
In case you haven’t realised, I love writing my wedding posts. Whilst my own wedding planning is slowing massively with Christmas just around the corner and with plenty of time to plan, I do enjoy brainstorming.

My Birthday wishlist will be going love this week too, as well as my first blog related post on all things bloggy of course.

So sorry this update is a bit of a bland one, but I promise the upcoming content have been lovingly prepared so keep your eyes peeled.

Would you like to read a job hunting related post? 
Maybe you would like to see something different on my blog? 
Let me know and comment below. 
Hope you all have had a lovely weekend, I will no longer be a working girl on a Saturday, yayyyy!!  

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