Weekly update | Preparing for Christmas

It’s Sunday. David Attenborough is gracing my TV, and the weekend vibes have been going strong for the last two days.

But, another week, another weekend.

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know I started my new job last week. I also turned 23, and had my first full weekend off without having to use holiday in like a year. Pheww, there was a lot going on!!

This week marks the end of November and the start of December – ekkkkk! Whilst I really really wanted to do blogmas, I am going to be completely honest and say, I don’t think I’m going to find the time.

My new job gets me home earlier and gives me my weekends back, but as per, and with plenty of commitments booking me solid till boxing day, finding the time and energy to post every day is going to be near impossible.
Today is the first day in nearly two weeks I have settled down and even looked at my blog *sigh*. 

But I’m not going to be completely absent through December, oooh no! There will still be plenty featured on the blog over the next month, just not every day, unfortunately.

So lemme just sum up the last week a little more. I was a bag of nerves on Monday. It was the start of my second ever real job. And when I mean real job, I mean one that is vital to pay something horrible called council tax and mortgage.
I had been in my previous role just a year, but I had made really good relationships and had become not only comfortable, but confident in my role. Unfortunately, it wasn’t offering me enough career wise, nor good pay either, so the move was a sure one. That didn’t mean I was completely sure on the first day though.

Fast forward two days, and it was my birthday and colleagues were singing me happy birthday whilst giving me cake and a card. Not only was I surprised, but I was completely taken aback by the generosity.  With tomorrow being the start of my second week, I’m excited to get back in the office and in full flow of my new job!

So with the start of December in just a couple of days, and only 3 weekends left to get Christmas shopping sorted, I am in full Christmas mode. This week involved hunting for Christmas Tree inspiration in local home stores, and we even started buying decorations ready for next weeks task of turning our apartment into a Christmas haven.

I am so so excited for Christmas to turn up, and for me and my fiance to enjoy our first Christmas together in our own home. Whilst I have been excited to decorate our tree for most of the year, I am slightly nervous because I just want it to look perfect.

 What are you excited about as we near December?
Are you prepared for Christmas? 
As always comment below and I will be sure to check your comments. 
Have a lovely Sunday evening. Hello I’m a Celeb!!

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