Weekly Update – Remember remember…..

Weekly Update – Remember remember…..

Its fireworks night, and its Saturday, could it get any better????

I can’t remember the last time we did fireworks night properly, so this year is going to be extra special surrounded by friends and family and obviously plenty of sparklers!

So the last week and whatever since I have done a ‘weekly update’ has been a mare to say the least. Birthdays, Halloween, Anniversarys, Wedding Fairs to name but a few.

Halloween –  You may have seen on snapchat, but since we live in a rather ‘freaky’ area with a forrest no further than a 5minute walk from our front door, we decided a midnight walk in the so called ‘screaming woods’ was a given for Halloween. Oh how I wish we didn’t. Not only was it freaky, but darn right scary. I am surprised my heart didn’t give out with every rustle and scary noise. Of course my fiance loved every second and saught every oppertunity to scare me further. Needless to say it was a great way to spend Halloween, and nothing I had done before.

On the wedding front – Who knew there was so much to bloody organise, book and think about. I started working out a timeline for the next year and a half and quickly realised some things needed to be sorted pronto. The penny has finally dropped that whilst I have a nice long engagement, its not going to be completely relaxed as I had once thought.

On the blog front – Yess, I have been featuring weddings rather a lot lately and sorry to say, its probably going to continue – sorry not sorry. I am going to try and spend a bit more time taking my own bloody photos, and featuring more fashion / cooking / home posts. They are truly what I love blogging about and when time is tight, I find the easiest topic to blurt and blog is wedding. I really need to get out of my grove.

Life – Its my birthday month, so I have been endlessly looking for present ideas. I am getting asked left right and centre when in all honesty I’m not even sure I want anything. I have finally booked myself in for a cut and colour, ready to get my hair in better condition. Its ratty and in desperate need of proffessional attention. I have been a avid box dye user and suffice to say, you can tell – opps. Watch this space for a up to date post on *hopefully* my lusious new look!

So here’s to another fireworks night. 

What are your plans? Bare the cold or snuggle with xfactor? 

Let me know and comment as always.

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