Blogging | Why I leave your blog and never return

Blogging | Why I leave your blog and never return

I don’t usually like to criticise others hard work, and it’s the same with blogs. They take time, dedication and heart. To take the time out of day to day life and come up with something worth reading is more than some people can handle.

So having a post dedicated to pointing out others flaws isn’t something I love doing. However, there have been times when I have stumbled across other bloggers honestly when looking at fellow bloggers blogs and realised my blog isn’t as user-friendly as hoped. Its helped me adapt my blog into something I am truly proud of. I am thankful for those bloggers honesty and I still appreciate it now.
So why might I exit your blog and never return? Well……

Busy colours. Yeah pink might be cute, but not everywhere. Not so it makes it hard to concentrate on that post you have taken 2 hours to type and make perfect. A simple template with easy to read text makes the perfect platform to show yourself as the amazing blogger you are, through word and pictures. Keep colours calm and able to accentuate your text.

Hard to navigate. Chances are, visitors are going to want to read your most recent content, so again make it easy to see and in plain sight. There are great ways to feature other, older content, but make it clear what’s the latest on your blog and prove you maintain a consistent flow of regular content. 

Hard to read content. Maybe the font is too curly and fancy. Text too small in size or again colours make it hard to make out single letters. You put so much effort into creating exciting and creative content, don’t let it go to waste because your readers can’t read it.

Hard to comment. When I find a post I adored, I want to comment. But if that’s a task in its self, it makes it so much more frustrating. If visitors want to express their opinion or share their view, make it easy for them in the comment section. Don’t off put them with a long process just to

Follow buttons? If I’m looking for these, I obvs love your content and want to keep up to date, which is great for you, but not I can’t find them. Make it easy for me and all other visitors, with buttons in easy places and at the end of the post.

What do you dislike seeing on blogs? 

Do you have any advice for new bloggers? 

Start some natter down below.

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