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Home | Winter bundle

With the nights being dark, cosy nights in are a regular affair and I love it. You may have seen my recent autumn wish list post which was quiet frankly appalling, I do apologise.

Well I have my grove back and have created a even better winter bundle, ideal to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Winter bundle

Any Yankee candle in my mind is perrrrfect for winter evenings, and its even better when you have one tailored to make your home smell everything winter. I am determined to get some more prints around our apartment, so I am on the hunt for some gorgeous black and white prints to add to our picture shelves. Watch this space, I will be posting the finished product once it’s all finished.

The storage boxes have made an appearance since winter is the perfect time to organise the crap that seems to accumilate in the smallest of areas. Our spare room is still a complete dive, and its spreading to other areas. Send help.

Do you have anything you would add to my winter bundle? 

Whats your fav piece? 

Why not start some chatter below?

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