Celebrating Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year Lovelies!!

I have been asked by Debenhams to create a Chinese inspired recipe in honor of Chinese new year.  As I love cooking and creating new recipes, I jumped at the chance.

I will be honest, this isn’t a tried and tested recipe, I just shoved it all together and it was actually pretty darn tasty. It took no time at all to cook and has plenty of veg in it to keep you going all week.

So, in case you were thinking of a Chinese for your winter Saturday, I have the perfect recipe for the ideal Chinese dinner without having to order. It’s super tasty, easy and purse friendly.

What you’ll need:

A Bag of bean sprouts 
1 Carrot
2 Spring Onions
2 Cloves of Garlic
1 Green Pepper
8 Closed cup mushrooms
Smokey Lardons
Toasted sesame oil 
Light Soy Sauce  
Ready to boil noodles
Bring a saucepan of water to the boil. This is for your noodles. 
Grab a wok, put on a high heat and add one teaspoon of sesame oil. 
Bung in your lardons and cook through.
Cut your carrots into bite-size chunks. Don’t worry about peeling. Chop up your spring onions, pepper and mushrooms to chunky pieces.  The chunkier the better! 
Once your lardons are nice and crispy, add your veg. Season well with salt and pepper. Crush your garlic into the wok and stir well.
Add a handful of beansprouts. Pop in more if you desire. 
Add your noodles to the boiling water. They usually take 2-3 mins to cook through. 
 Continue to stir your veg. Add 2 teaspoons of Soy sauce and another teaspoon of sesame oil. 
Your noodles will be just about done. Drain and toss into the wok. Lower the heat and mix well.   
You are now ready to serve!

If you feel like you need more, why not add some chicken or even prawns. This recipe can easily be adapted to suit your taste, so if you fancy more veg, meat or even noodles, go ahead. My fiance likes it hot, so I tend to add some chilli flakes for him.

For this recipe, I used a wok. It’s perfect for noodles, stir frys and even fajita filling!
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What you intending to cook to celebrate chinese new year?
Anything I can add for next time? 
As always comment below, I love to hear your thoughs.

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