Wedding | Choosing a theme

Wedding | Choosing a theme

Hallo lovelies.

Wedding Wednesday is back in business and we are kicking off with choosing your wedding theme.

If you’ve been to a wedding recently, you’ll notice there is a re-occurring theme throughout.  Whether that’s a colour, flower, pattern, film, book, event or style. A theme can be anything that will make your day special to you and stand out from all the rest.

If you hear a bride to be talking about her upcoming day, you’ll hear the theme within the first sentence or two. It will sum up the day and what everyone can expect. Everything will match and complement each other perfectly. It’ll be a Pinterest-worthy occasion and that’s all every bride can wish from their day.

So how do you pick yours? Well, there’s a couple of things you need to ask yourself and assess before making your final decision.

Time of year?  

The time of year can be a theme in itself. December weddings naturally tend to have a winter feel in decoration, flowers, and attire. Summer weddings tend to have a floral flavour peppered with individual flair.

July made our theme that much easier to identify. The flowers in bloom, and the weather we can expect has ensured we have a theme that is as fresh and vibrant and the weather and time of year we will be experiencing.

Where are you getting married? Where is your reception? 

Is it a barn? Field? Marquee? Church? Manor? Where ever you are saying your ‘I do’s’ and settling down for your first meal, it will be a great starting point on how you want your theme to compliment your day and venue. Look to your venue and what will look great with your surroundings. Don’t make it too hard for yourself. If country chic is going to be hard to accommodate in a grand manor, re-evaluate what you really want.

Our one venue is surrounded by green gardens and gorgeous overlaying trees. We have incorporated this into all aspects, and given us the theme of green and natural. Sorted.

What do you envision from your day? 

Is it a classy affair, or is a relaxed get together with your nearest and dearest. This is a great indication of the type of theme you want for your day. You want to make sure your guests know what they are in for when they arrive.

We have decided we want to keep us relaxed. Our venue resonates that, and so does our surroundings.

What do you want to avoid? 

Whether it’s a theme you feel everyone has done, or a look you absolutely hate, it’s a good question to ask yourself to avoid falling into exactly what you don’t want.

I am not having anything to do with ‘rustic’. Nothing against it, but every wedding I have been to has poured it. I want my guests to be entering something new.

Do you want to show your personality?

Some like to let their personality shine through everything, and others like little snippets to sneak through at certain intervals. This can be your theme in itself if nothing else. Be adventurous but think of how you can put this into invites, cake and more.

We’ve decided to keep our personality to little snippets. The desert will be a favourite of ours, and the table numbers will have pictures of us growing up. Other than that, everything is about our overall theme.

Choosing a theme is no easy task. It’s something you will go between time and time again. But remember, make your decision carefully before signing yourself up to anything, or purchasing anything for certain.

What themes are you loving right now? 

Have you got your theme sorted? 

Let me know and comment below. I love hearing all your thoughts.

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