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Another Wednesday, another wedding post.

I have just tipped under the 18month mark, and so the wedding guest list is being picked at, in time for sending Save The Dates.

I am behind schedule, however have no fear, I have plentyyy of time remaining. The guest list. This is when you realise you have far too many family, friends and acquaintances you need to invite, and before you know it, the magic number has been and gone and you’re considering not inviting your own sister just so you don’t upset someone else.

I will not deny, this is tricky, and mind fizzling. But there is a way to make it a little easier on yourself and hubby. Some tips follow.

Children or No Children? 

This is worth considering first. It’s another person to feed and fit into your day. Establish whether children are invited or not and apply for all. You’ll find it harder explaining why some are invited and others not if you don’t apply the same rule for everybody.
Remember, some parents like the prospect of a kid free zone.

Establish your bridal party

Bride, Groom, parents of the Bride, parents of the Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, flower girls, page boys. I think that’s it? This is your wedding. It wouldn’t happen without all of these. Of course you need to count them into any numbers, including yourself and hubby! 


Have this front of mind. It can easily get out of hand if going over the number by one or two. That one or two extras can tip you over budget by hundreds of pounds in food, drink, favors and invites. Be realistic.

Be strict 

Don’t be afraid to say no. If you’re only inviting because someone says so, or it will make someone else happy,  say no. It’s your budget, your day and your wedding. You’ll only be annoyed when paying out for that person.

Can you imagine them not being involved? 

When choosing your guest list ask yourself this question every time. If you can’t imagine being without them on the day, then they should be on the guest list. If you’re inviting them for the sake of it, or feel like you should, add them to a maybe pile and send if you have space. There is no harm in having a backup guest list when others can’t make it, or you can afford to add a couple more. 

Remind yourself it’s your wedding. 

It can get a little touchy when discussing guest lists and who’s not made the cut. Don’t feel you have to justify. Weddings are an expense and no one should ever expect to be invited. Make sure you are surrounded by those who you cherish and ensure no one is sidelined for others who ‘have’ to be invited because someone else says so. 

How did you find creating your guest list? 
Have any tips I should have on here? 
As always, comment below. 

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