Weekly update – becoming a Etsy seller

Weekly update – becoming a Etsy seller

Sunday fun-day.

This weekend has been megaaaaa packed as me and Ali held guests for the first time and hosted family for the entire weekend.

Of course, this meant I had to cook for a few more, but I feel I stepped up good and well. The weekend has been scattered with walks, mooching in shops and enjoying good food and company.
We ventured to Lewes just this afternoon, to enjoy antique shops, art studios, and coffee, a lot of coffee.

We have been preparing our spare room over the last couple of weeks to be suitable for guests, and not look like a dumping ground. 2 Ikea deliveries and a day of building later, and it’s complete. And you know, I’m bloody proud. We now have double the storage and a room suitable for sleeping and snuggling whilst binging on Netflix.

To date, our biggest regret in the whole apartment is the lack of a corner sofa in our lounge. Binging on a good old series isn’t quiet right without a snuggle and tickle. With that, the idea of a double function spare room equalling a guest room come snug.

Apart from hosting, and creating a room with an actual function, I have been thinking weddings, and not just my own.

After creating various Save the Date designs, invite templates and more stationery, I have opened an Etsy shop. And it’s going surprisingly well. Whilst I am not earning my millions, yet, I have made some sales and received some real positive feedback – which is the best thing of all.
I am creating plenty of designs, and thinking of plenty of ways to grow my new online business organically, whilst creating designs that will be part of someone’s special day.

If you’d like to check it out, because of curiosity of course, you can find my Etsy Shop here.

Hope you all have a fantastic week. Here’s to the next 2 days since its the end of the month!

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