Travel | Bucket list 2017 – Cities to visit

Travel | Bucket list 2017  – Cities to visit

Who doesn’t love a good old city break one summer weekend?

Sightsee with coffee, eat plenty of cakes, and mooch around monuments and shops.

P e r f e c t.

Whilst Europe is just on our doorstep and Paris literally an hour or so away, it’s pretty disappointing I haven’t ventured much over the border and seen some of the amazing cities just a stone throws away.

So what’s my target? Bloody visiting some!

Here are a few on the top of my list.


The Roman baths are something I am yet to experience. I have heard how gorgeous and tranquil Bath is, and how quaint the shops and cobbled streets are. Sounds like a perfect get-away. I cannot wait to experience myself, and it’s not even that far!


Ever since watching The Theory of Everything, and realising how beautiful Cambridge is, I have been fixated on visiting. Once again it’s not far from home and somewhere I am desperate to experience. A boat trip whilst basking in the sunshine? Yes please!


Full of charm and character, once again this sounds like a city I could sink my teeth into and fall in love with. A weekend break full of walks and wine sounds like an idyllic break in the heat of summer.


The history of such a gorgeous and prestigious city. To sip coffee and smell pizza and pasta whilst surrounded by such architecture makes me oh so excited to venture the city for myself. Oh and of course experience Italian shopping! Chuck me my passport?


I feel like George Ezra put this back on the map. He didn’t, obviously, but he did open my eyes to the possibility of going. Oh so envious of those who have been and seen the city in all its beauty.

I am ever so desperate to get out and experience some more gorgeous cities. I am all for a long weekend exploring over a beach any day.

Are any of these cities on your list? 

Do you think I’ve missed one? 

Let me know and comment below. 

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