Eating yourself healthy – The little changes

I received the best compliment just the other day.
‘You’ve lost weight, I can tell’.
Oh the pure joy that swept across me when hearing that!!

I’m all for being body confident, but when you have a wedding day looming, and wedding dress shopping edging closer, you really do have to take a closer look at the double chins, wobbly arms and spot prone skin from too much choco.

Just a couple of weeks ago, me and Ali decided to eat far more fruit and veg, as well as cutting carbs and swapping to low fat and fat-free.
I thought I was being a little far fetched when I noticed the jeans a little loose since its only been a couple of weeks, but it confirms your thoughts when someone else notices.

Not only has the compliment given me a confidence boost, it’s also given me a bigger drive to keep at it and continue. Of course, the odd meal out, a box of chocolates are a little setback, but it’s worth it.

So what have I swapped, dropped or changed? Here is goes:

Over night oats
Nothing better than some overnight oats in the morning. Personal favorite includes banana and chocolate.  Sets me up all morning, and stops me from snacking on those fatty alternatives.

An apple a day 
Refreshing and healthy snack mid morning keeps me from reaching the sugary snacks, or munching on lunch much to early. 

Fruit & Muesli  
Another pre-morning prep. Frozen fruit, fresh yogurt and muesli, topped with honey and cinnamon. Refreshing, simple and super tasty. Even better, fills you up and gets those 5 a day packed into your lunch too. 

Cut the crisps 
Just a no go. Completely cut the crisps, and for the better. Salt intake is down and so are my calories. 

Smaller portions 
I was always piling it onto my plate, not wanting to waste. Now I have cut the portions completely, I finish dinner satisfied rather than rammed and bloated.

A side salad 
Serving salad wherever possible is a must. Added taste and gets the greens into every meal. I try and keep it free from any dressing where possible.

Less pasta
I love pasta. So quick, so easy but oh so fatty when eating it frequently. I’ve tried to subconsciously limit the amount we eat within the week. By cutting out one meal of pasta, we have seen a huge change in our weight. Crazy!

You should treat yourself, in moderation. With us, that’s a Ben & Jerry’s tub every month. Knowing you have that treat makes it that little easier when you are craving something oh so sweet!

I have in no way been serious about losing tons of weight. For me, it’s all about a lifestyle change rather than a fad diet to lose a couple of pounds in time for a big event. The smaller changes are always the most valuable.

Have you made changes and seen a huge difference? Any advice on what else I could change? Let me know and comment below, I am determined to change more for the better!

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