Party Planning – Taking away the stress

It’s always a great idea to throw a party; whether it’s a birthday, promotion at work or new job offer, or any occasion that deserves celebrating, a party is the perfect way to make lovely memories.

Yet, getting a group of your favorite people together and ensuring they all have a great time, can feel overwhelming. If you’re wanting to throw a shindig, get-together, or epic party, without a heap of stress; it’s time to start preparing. Yes, you can actually prepare to start the planning process so that your party will go seamlessly, and you won’t have added frown lines by the time you reach your special day (or evening, or night, or weekend…).

Grab a notebook and pen, or your digital equivalent, and begin writing down some lists. Prioritizing the big stuff first, will help you round-out the other elements to the event. You’ll also feel amazing when you begin to tick things off your list, which will give you that boost of endorphins needed to push on with the next task. The following are some inspiration, advice, and ideas for novice party planners who want to throw themselves, or a loved one, an event to remember (for all the right reasons).

Venue Is Key

Assuming that you’ve sorted out your ideal guest list, you’ll need to priorities your venue next.

The number of people, time of year, and vibe of your special event, will all impact where you choose, so it’s pretty important.

Once you’ve sorted a venue and date; you’ll be able to organise everything else far more easily. Everything from catering, to entertainment will be affected by your venue, so get it booked-in.

You can then concentrate on booking the fun stuff, like a party photo booth, DJ, or live band; you’ll understand where they can fit into your party physically, and as part of the event in general.

For more laid back, or intimate celebrations, restaurants, bars, and private function rooms can be a great option; you’ll often book the food and beverages as part of the venue, and you’ll have staff there to cater for you and your guests.

Top Tip : With a venue of any kind, it’s worth remembering that the dreamier the setting, the more popular it will be, so make sure you book in good time, and you can go from there.

Remember Your Guests

Obviously, the setting, food, and entertainment are all important to a successful party. However, your guests are who will set the mood and feeling of the event.

You’ll want to consider your guest list carefully, and ensure that everyone will be able to relax and have the best time. Whether you take into account people’s preferences regarding food or entertainment (music can be a big divider), or even things like the age of guests; it’s worth planning around these element.

Perhaps some of your family members would prefer to go out for a quiet meal with you instead of dancing the night away at your party; it’s about understanding other’s party ideals, and ensuring those who are coming, are going to have a great time.

Little touches like ensuring there’s things to eat for those with food allergies or preferences, can go a long way in making someone feel special, so make them a priority.