Weekly Update : Five things

Weekly Update : Five things

It’s Sunday Evening.

Fast approaching the prospect of a new week. Oh Monday, you do come around quickly.

Once again its been a while since I have updated you guys. Once again it’s not that bloody exciting. To keep it short and snappy, and free from you likely to drop off to sleep mid-sentence,  I’ve incorporated a list element, because who doesn’t like lists right? Because of the lack of update, this is going to span a couple of weeks, so bare with.

1 : We sent our Save the Dates! 

When booking our venue, it seemed like it would be ages until we would even get to send out any correspondence. Since it seems vital not to seem to keen in the whole wedding planning process, you can’t really send out anything over 18 months before. But hey, it came around quick, and I mean quick. 65 envelopes, 20 stamps and 2 hours delivering later, and they were all done! Phew!
Suddenly, it’s become really bloody real though *gulp*.

2: I am crap at calligraphy. It’s not as easy as it looks. 

Prior to sending Save the Dates, I need to write and address every poxy one! Suddenly, my handwriting seemed crapped, and well I thought I could learn calligraphy. It looks easy, defiantly isn’t and so a couple of frustrated days later, I switched back to my italic like writing and succumbed to the fact it’s not going to look that Pinterest worthy *sigh*. 

3: I tried on a wedding dress! 

This, I was pooping myself about. Dunno why, since everyone said its the best and most exciting bit. Partly because I didn’t think I would ever find something that would fit or look good. Partly because many I know getting married soon have a dress I would have chosen and well, you don’t want to seem like a copy cat do you? But it was so exciting and fun well I can’t wait to continue. Get me those appointments booked! 

4: Laces are Lances in Co-Op 

Yep, don’t really understand it either, but mid munching on an afternoon snack of my fav strawberry laces, I stumbled across the mispronunciation of lances. Mistake? Who knows. All I can say is who made that decision?!

5: Cars are a pain in the arse 

As handy as they are getting you from A – B, and giving you that sought-after feeling of independence,  when they go wrong, they seem more hassle than they are worth. Tires, roll cage, whatever it may be, it all makes me nervous and makes me glad my dad is on hand with his mechanical skills!

So whilst I sit here with my damp hair contemplating the next week, I wonder if next weekend will come around as quick as this one? All be it, I hope it doesn’t because gosh, isn’t everything coming around so bloody quickly lately?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Have a great evening. In case you find it hard getting up tomorrow, remember tomorrow can be the start of an amazing week!

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