Lifestyle | What I’ve been watching on Sky Cinema

Lifestyle | What I’ve been watching on Sky Cinema

I’m a sky member, and well I’ve upped my subscription and incorporated Sky Cinema.

It’s no surprise this is a useful addition when me and Ali like to spend a weekend evening wisely watching movies with a good bowl of ice cream. Perfecto!

If you don’t have it, well your missing out. Endless amounts of new and recent movies, plenty to keep you occupied at least a couple of nights a week. Teamed with Netflix and Amazon prime! Well you’ll never need a DVD ever again!!

So what have we been watching?

The Revenant
We were desperate to see this when it landed in the cinemas. Like usual, never made it before it disappeared, and so we were thrilled to see it on Sky Cinema. If you haven’t already, its bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. I believe I said s**t quiet a few times!

Some of my colleagues were raving about this in the office just the other week, so it immediately made it onto our watch list. Hilarious and bound to bring to you to tears, of laughter. Ultimate feel good film! Watch watch watch!

Jurassic Park
Shouldn’t need to explain this one. Perfect for a lazy Sunday. I will say, I didn’t know how un-PG the film is, no wonder I hated dinosaurs when I was younger.

The Witch 
A horror I had heard so much about. You know, its really not that scary, and well I turned it off within half an hour. I wouldn’t bother, unless you’re really THAT bored.

There are plenty left on our watch list, including Bad Neighbours 2, which I cannot wait to settle down and watch.

Do you have Sky Cinema? Anything I need to add to my watch list? 

As always let me know and comment below, I love hearing your thoughts! 

**This in no way was a plug for Sky Cinema, nor a sponsored post** 

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