Home | When to splurge and when to save

Home | When to splurge and when to save

Its expensive, being a homeowner.

Especially if you’re like me and go into every home section of every store and wish you had everything within it. It’s not unusual for me to purchase something for the home at least once a week – oops.

One thing I do know, there are some things you really shouldn’t splurge on, and others you should spend.

Splurge – Lighting

You can not save on lighting. Whilst you can get gorgeous lighting from some of my favourite stores, at a good budget-friendly price, you can’t overall, save on how important lighting is for your home.

Under counter lighting, cosy lamps, low-level hanging shades, and chandeliers with ornate beading. Don’t underestimate how a stunning shade or light can transform your home.

Save – Bedding

Many of our good ‘old supermarkets have a lovely home section featuring gorgeous bedspreads, covers, and cushions. Be sure to check there before you splurge on home stores for their over-expensive similar designs.

Splurge – Appliances 

I NEARLY bought a £150 washing machine. I would’ve regretted it, and well spent that a more in 6 months time replacing my mistake because it just doesn’t do the job. When spending next to nothing on appliances, you know it. They either don’t last that long, or you don’t keep it that long because they don’t do the job quite right. Splurge, and splurge right and you won’t have to splurge on it again for a long time.

Save – Furniture 

By no means am I saying to buy cheap and tacky, never going to last a month furniture. But there are ways to furnish your home, without spending the earth. If you like the shabby chic look, be sure to explore upcycling and re-using old furniture from charity shops or even your parents loft.
Check out antique stores for gorgeous, retro and classic pieces, which will add character and charm to your home. If you like all things modern, make sure you head to ikea on a Saturday. Explore, purchase and eat meatballs. Their quality can’t be beaten, and whilst you regret your purchases when building one of twenty items, you love it because ahh you have your clean line, pinterest worthy home for a mouth dropping amazing price.

Splurge – Mattress’s 

Yanno, it annoys me when people but cheap mattress’. Why would you do that to yourself. Your back and posture, comfort and overall health is worth more than the mere £50 you spent on that piece of spring. Splurge, because my god do you feel it when you spent next to nothing on something you spend over 6 hours a day in!

Save – Storage 

You can get some ruddy good storage out there for next to nothing you know. So when you need that plastic box for bits and bobs that take a whole draw, make sure you hit Poundland. Plastic is plastic after all. The organisation feels so much better when its cost you next to nothing!

This is another post I could ramble on and on with splurge and save options, but hey I’ll save the rest for another post.

Are there things you would put on my list? Agree or disagree? I love hearing your thoughts.

I hope you all have a lovely week, hey we have another bank holiday Monday next week!

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