Lifestyle | Mistakes I’m glad I made

Lifestyle | Mistakes I’m glad I made

I was inspired.

To spill the beans on some of the mistakes I have made over the years.

Whilst many of us wish we could file our mistakes away, and never have to re-visit them again, sometimes it’s healthy to have a look back. Granted, most I do want to forget about, but some, well , they’re pretty justified.

Going to University 

Some say its the best decision, I say mistake. I am in a mountain of debt, and hold a degree that seems to hinder more than help. Getting a run of the mill job seemed fruitless and well, what other jobs are out there for graduates? I know I didn’t pour my heart and soul into my degree and that was my downfall. I should have realised education isn’t for everyone. 

Getting a overdraft 

The typical uni student objective – borrow money and spend it on vodka and H&M. Turns out those endless amount of clothes come in handy when on a spending hault, and well, whats so fun about being sober all the time. I will say, Its taught me to be frugal, and manage money better. 

Switching jobs

Journalist, estate agent, media sales, whatever next. I am so glad I have been able to experience different trades. I’ve learnt my real skills and honed in on a career that I want to establish and route myself in. I can safely say, I have endless possibilities and they are not all tied to my degree.

Being in a shit, long term relationship 

I think its a must all must go through. For 3 years I was quiet frankly with the wrong person for too long. I enjoyed the friends, the lifestyle and company that came with it, rather than the person. It was absolutly a mistake, but one I am so glad I endured. It taught me to value myself over others, and realise when something is broken, it can’t always be fixed.
Being in a long term relationship made me grow up, and looking back, I’m thankful I went through the crap early.

The key is knowing everyone makes mistakes, some bigger than others. Its learning and growing from them thats important. My mistakes have shaped me into the person I am today and in turn enabled me to surround myself with those who push me into a better life. I am so proud with what I have accumplished so far.

I have a way to go before I am completely satisfied, but we are a greedy species after all. I am sure I will make plenty of mistakes yet and I will be sure to update you when I do.

Do you have mistakes you’re happy about? 
Any you’ve made too? 
I love hearing from you, so be sure to comment below!

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