Wedding | A Planning Update

Wedding | A Planning Update

Hello Lovelies.

Its been a good couple of weeks since a wedding related post. But I thought it’s worth giving an update on some of the horrors that have been thrusted our way recently.

Its not all that bad, I really should stop being such a dramatic. But as many Bride-to-be’s may be aware, any hiccup along the way feels like the start of more horrors to come. 

All in all, my venue, which we had planned to do our catering, hit us with a 25% price increase for their catering service and well yeah, that sucked.

It meant the rather run of the mill food is going to be MORE expensive than other caterers, and we haven’t even changed anything!

So, we are now on the hunt for another caterer, and well thats really not what we wanted. Another deposit to fund and other things are now on the back burner ahead of booking a caterer.

Whilst I was in aN absolute breakdown just last week, I have started to stop hyperventulating and seen the light as it will.
I really didn’t want to have to think about food, however It seems we may be getting more for our money, as well as having control over the food we are paying so much poxy money for.
Ultimatley we could be trading in a hog roast wedding breakfast for a 3 course sit down meal!

But what has this told me. I have been farrr to relaxed. We currently have just the registra, venue and photographer booked. We are closley creeping towards 12 months prior and I am desperatly worried we will be hitting bumps and many suppliers will be pre-booked.

I am slowly getting through the list of things to enquire and book, now its just a case of doing.

Watch out for some more regular Wedding posts, as I get my bum in gear with this planning. 

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