Wedding | Wedding Fair Do’s & Don’t

Wedding Wednesday is here.

And so is wedding fair season.

Personally, I HATE wedding fairs. Literally, hate. I understand the logic, and need to go, however, It’s like walking down a turkish market, being hassled and haggled when all you want to do is mooch and mingle at your own leisure.

I have been to 3 of these poxy things now, and the most recent just last weekend. Why have I been to 3 if I hate them I hear you say? There is logic behind my madness. 2 of these have been at my venue, and most recently it was due to the sheer panic between me and my mum on how much we haven’t done and we have 14 months to go.

So what have I learnt? Well……

Take business cards

You’re not going to remember everyone, nor everything that is there and on offer. Take every card, flyer and brochure possible. You’ll come away with a lot, but it will be worth it.

Don’t be afraid to say no 

I definatley didn’t and I’m so glad. There is nothing worse than someone thinking they have you interested and you’re just, well, not! 

Don’t waste yours and vendors time talking to someone of no interest 

Kind of the above, but just don’t waste your time, nor theres. If it’s not of interest, nicely refuse, thank you for their time, and move on. You’ll only get annoyed yourself and possibly give them false hope. 

Take friends and family  

It can be quiet an expereince, and a bit of a stressful one too. Take people who will keep you motivated, help with questions and make it that little bit easier making your way round.

Don’t be afriad to say you dislike something 

Again, not something you like, say. It’s your wedding after all, and not everyone likes the same thing. Bare that in mind for anything you do in terms of your wedding.

Make notes if you have to 

You might look a little keen, but its super handy when you just cannot remember what was said or who you spoke to. It may even be helpful to make notes before you go, so you cover all bases you know you wanted to throughout the day.


Don’t listen to what I, nor anyone else says in regard to wedding fairs. Go. It’s a experience. You never know what deal, advice or who you might meet. I know plenty of couples who have gathered coupons and deals from wedding fairs, and these have come in handy when booking and ordering for their big day. 

Wedding fairs are super handy and can be a real motivator for you big day. You can get some good inspiration and ideas in the early and latter stages of your planning. 
I booked my first wedding dress try on at my first wedding fair, and ended up finding the one there. I wouldn’t have found that vendor without that fair. 
Do you have any tips for bride-to-bes who might be going to their first wedding fair? 
Whats been your experience of them? 
As always, let me know and comment below. 

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