Weekly Update – Five things

Weekly Update – Five things


It’s Tuesday and I am here because well it feels like a Sunday for me because I had 5 days off!

And god did I need it.

Easter came and went ruddy quick and the prospect of a working week, all be it a short 3 day one, is saddening.

BUT, I had a good one and well here’s 5 things that have kept me smiling.

1 : Walkies 

Anyone would think I am a dog and need a good stretch of the legs every weekend. I am not but I think my fiance would say otherwise. Recently, especially with the gorgeous weather we have been enduring, myself and bo have been going on little adventures and well its been lovely. I may moan a little when I see a slight incline, but it’s all alright when the view is worth it.

2 : Chocolate Eggs

As my fiance said, it’s the only weekend you can utterly indulge yourself and eat all the chocolate you can get your hands on. So yeah, we did. I don’t regret it at all, I blame it all on him. 

3 : Sunbeds 

This is probs really controversial. But I will say, I use them purely to keep my skin in better condition. If you know me and have been privileged enough to see me without my layer of makeup, you’d know my skin is pretty, well, bad. I may be 23, but anyone would think I have just entered puberty. I have been told, and I am even seeing the effects already, how good the sun can be for troubled skin. I have been on 2, six-minute sessions so far and yeah it seems to be working. I am thrilled and I would recommend to any if used properly and with caution.

4 : London 

It’s not often I venture to the capital anymore. There’s something that’s kind of been ruined for me, because of a commuter lifestyle for various months. But, we embarked to experience the London Dungeons. Of course, I pooped myself. But it was amazing, as expected and I am sure I will explain more in an upcoming post.

5 :  Home

I love my home. I love where I live. And with every weekend of walks and adventures, it just concretes it further. 

So whilst I think of my piddly 3 day week ahead, I’ll sign with relief that we have another weekend not far away, to make me feel that little bit better.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming posts!

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