Lifestyle | Thirteen Reasons Why – Bank Holiday flu remedy.

Lifestyle | Thirteen Reasons Why – Bank Holiday flu remedy.


So I did the typical Blogger thing and started writing this post, forgot about it and then found it in my drafts. Darn you Charlotte and your lack of organisation and half writing skills.

Basically, that last bank holiday was crap for me. I mean crap. Wasn’t the best weather, as per. And unfortunately, I was poorly. And I mean poorly. If I had a £ for every sneeze, I would be booking a nice week away in Barbados. A cough, cold and sore throat isn’t the winning combination for a good ‘old bank holiday weekend.

But, have no fear, whilst sipping blackcurrant and honey, and snuggling a roll of loo roll, I indulged on Netflix, and the latest series that seems to have swept the nation – 13 Reasons Why.

Wasn’t sure how I would feel about it since the plot derives from a teenage suicide. Yet I am all about giving something a go and gosh am I glad!

So in light of my previous Bank Holiday remedy, that kept me occupied and ensured I kept up with the trend that is blasting a box set within 48 hours, I thought I’d share with you lovelies. Encase you’re at a lose end this bank holiday, or simply haven’t worked yourself through the series, and by god why not, I’m lending you some reasons why. (See what I did there?!).
Its Gripping 
It’s not one of those that takes a while to get into series. I hate those series. It grips you from get go and well you keep watching and watching and watching because you want to know everything and anything about Hannah Baker!

There’s some hunks and arseholes to get worked up about 
Saying that I dunno who I am referring to when I say hunks, but there sure are some arseholes to get pissy at and enjoy hating in this series. I can think of none other than one in particular but I hate spoiling stuff so just watch it and you’ll know who I’m talking about. Saying that I can think of two!

You’ll probably cry….a lot 
I cried a few times. I really wasn’t prepared for the onslaught that would come with such a show. Of course you’re kinda prepared for some tears, since it’s about a girl who kills herself but seriously. So.Many.Tears.

And you’re get frustrated and want to keep watching 
I shouted at the TV so much! And I cursed because I just wanted to watch Clay’s bloody tape for christ sake! And when the next one plays and it’s not his, you’ll sign and get annoyed but keep watching because like why are they on there???

There’s nothing else like it 
There is literally no other series like it. Literally. And you don’t know how to deal with it, or how it will carry on, or end or anything. You’re expectations are completely unknown.

Its a good binge for a moody Sunday. 
If there is a series that should be for a Sunday, its this one. You can indulge for 10 straight hours and really feel like you’ve accumplished something, because you have, you’ve watched and finished 13 reasons why!!

So if you’re not sure whether to watch it, if its worth it, or how to fill up your bank holiday, I implore you to get on Netflix and watch watch watch. You won’t regret it I promise!

Have a great one guys! 

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