Lifestyle | Five Things, and Five little things

Lifestyle | Five Things, and Five little things

It’s Sunday. It’s a Funday. I have 5 things, and 5 lil things. I’m bloody happy!

I won’t go into toooo much detail, but I’ll touch on a couple of things below.

Grab your cuppa and a biccy and let’s get going.

I bought my wedding dress! 
Even though I tried it on 2 months ago, fell in love with it, and haven’t thought of any other dress, I finally got measured and ordered THE dress!! So over the moon and so excited! The best bit is, I didn’t choose a style nor size I would have to lose a ton of weight for and feel uncomfortable if I didn’t!

I got offered a job! 

I hate going from job to job and it really wasn’t something I wanted to do. But due to unforeseen circumstances and mistreatment from the employer, it was time to move on and find something stable and secure.  It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, but the relief is unreal and I am so excited to get underway in a role with less threat.

I’ve been unknowingly suffering from anxiety.

This touches on the above. I have been unknowingly suffering from anxiety, due to work pressure, threat, and unhappiness. It was only when I started to research into anxiety for mental health awareness week that I started to realise most of the feelings and thoughts I was experiencing wasn’t normal, and actually had a label.

My blog is getting better and the opportunities are growing. Woohoo! 

I have been putting more effort into my little bubble that is my blog and I hope it’s showing. I have been approached on a regular basis recently, and it’s made me proud of the improvements and dedication I’m starting to show to my blog. Little steps and all lead to greater things.
I have never been more in love. 
It’s times like these you appreciate the network of support you have around you. My fiancee has been an incredible support during some tough times and I have never felt more loved and in love.
This is a new added extra because there are so many little things that make me happy over the week that I kinda forget.
Some lil things: 
This video made me giggle —GIGGLE
I am in love with this song RN — SONG
I want this jacket – JACKET
Annnd this bag —BAG

I can expect this week to be a little emotional my end. There have already been a couple of tears, but as my fiancee says, I have a 100% track record of coming home and being okay!
Hope you all have a fab week!! 

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