Wedding | Five things to know before wedding dress shopping

Wedding | Five things to know before wedding dress shopping

I was pooping myself.

Quiet literally pooping myself.

I was told it is the best bit blah blah blah. I was sh*tting it!

Annnndddd ofcourse it wasn’t half as bad. Heck I even enjoyed myself.

There were a couple of things I wish I had known before hand though, so here I am, updating y’all. You are welcome by the way.

You’re gonnah feel fat

Christ, how many size 4 brides are out there? I was squeezed, strapped and pinned into every size 4 dress in the East Sussex area. It doesn’t make you feel nor look great. Apparently you can’t get every dress in every size. No sh*t sherlock, but it would be good if you got the average size don’t you think?

A women will be up in your grill around your bum, make sure you showered

I was prepared for this, but it still took abit of time getting used to. And of course being in your underwear trying to wiggle your way into a dress 4 sizes too small isn’t the sexiest you’ll ever feel.

Every shop has a different ettiquette. Don’t just assume it’s all the same

Some help you into the dresses, others wont. Some will make you put on heels despite not wanting to, and others will ask you to wear a hair net on your face to stop your make up getting onto the dress. That was the weirdest one I have to admit.  Everywhere is different, and thank god.

Everyone will wait patientially for you to fall in love with a dress 

You’ve walked out in the dress, you still trying to figure out if you like it, and everyone is just waiting. Waiting patientially for you to say ‘yes to the dress’, or even cry. It’s quiet funny how quiet it is as they wait to hear your thoughts. Half the time, you don’t like it, and neither does anyone else, but they’re waiting for you to say it first.

Some will get a little annoyed when you are onto your 12th dress 

Yep, some get fed up. It’s not like you’re doing it on purpose, they just have so many you want to try on. Remain calm and collected. You can always come back, you’ll be getting tired too.

Its tiring 

Who knew. There’s so much concentration just thinking carefully about every dress you try on. Your brain will be buzzing with thoughts and feelings and it will just take it all out of you. You will nap when you get home thats for sure.

Overall, dress shopping is exciting. As well as worrying, stressful, fun and upsetting. You will feel awful because not every dress will fit and not everything will look right. What you thought you wanted might not be right, and it may be. Its all trial and error. What I will say, don’t go when you’re not ready. It just gets darn right confusing and stressful.

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