A Journey with Dad – Fathers Day Campaign*

Who doesn’t love a good car journey? Especially the ones that take a couple of hours, take you away from home, and offer you a comfort coffee, burger and a good old sing to the latest album.

A car journey as a family is always a special occasion. And gosh have we done many! Visiting family, driving from Eastbourne to Scotland!! Or even Wales. And as we grew older and more adventurous, from city to city in America. This is my favourite car journey as a family, and ultimately with my dad.

In light of Fathers Day, I have been asked to share my favourite journey with my dad. There have been so many over the years, and many more to come I am sure, but my favourite has to be this one.

In 2012, we went on an adventurous holiday exploring New England USA, visiting Boston, Salem, The Hamptons and New York.
We love to experience different places, and NYC is a place we adore as a family, so naturally if you’re going that close, you can’t miss it.

We travelled between Boston onto Salem, then to The Hamptons and finally arriving in NYC. The whole journey over the course of 14 days was incredible. Stumbling across seaside towns and rural locations in a part of America we haven’t exactly explored before was so exciting and enjoyable. And all in driving distance we explore two completely different and unique cities.

The peak of the trip was driving into NYC.  Seeing the skyline from a distance and the pure excitement of being back in New York City. We drove into a tunnel and out the other side into the concrete jungle and madness. It was just magical.

It’s as hectic and scary as you can imagine. Beeping taxis, pedestrians crossing when they shouldn’t and the usual hustle and bustle from a monstrous city. I was nervous. I enjoyed it of course but a little part of me couldn’t wait to ditch the car and use the sidewalk like any other tourist.

My dad wasn’t phased though. I don’t know how or why, but he just wasn’t phased. That’s my dad. Take the bull by the horns and go for it.

I will always remember us stuck in traffic outside the Grand Central Station and stumbling across Times Square and pointing and shouting of all the spectacular places we seemed to be finding when we should’ve been searching for our hotel. As a family of four, from a little seaside coastal town in the UK, driving around NYC, in the height of summer is the best journey we’ve been on. And we wouldn’t have been on it if it wasn’t for my dad!

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