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Don't even care

Hay Dolls,

It’s Bank Holiday!!! Woooo!

In aid of a long awaited weekend, and to celebrate most of us not required at work on Monday, I thought I’d surprise you all with a outfit post, because I have’t done one in so long!

I’m not sure why I don’t do these that often! I think I struggle to find new pieces to make a lovely outfit, although I love creating new looks!
This is inspired by the dreadful rain, yet mugginess we seem to be enduring more often than none. Literally, next week we will be in June and I am still needing to wear cardigans!

A good ripped pair of jeans, pumps and a checked shirt, whilst screams autumn attire, can look flawless in between light showers and ray of sunshine. Teamed with a tanned bag and some shades, you’re ready to go incase the weather perks up. 
I love this look, and whilst the weather isn’t ideal, If I can sport outfits like this, I guess it’s not soo bad!! 
Have a fantastic bank holiday lovelies! Enjoy it whilst we can, we do have a couple of months before the next! 

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