Kitchen Pretties

Kitchen. It’s the most important, and at times the most stressful part of the house.

I love my kitchen.

It’s my little abode where I can get angry, sad, passionate, happy, stressed. It’s a little weird, but I find cooking one of the few things I can apply myself and get something viable out of my efforts. Whether its a pie, a bowl of pasta, or a hearty burger. I get something. Much like writing.

I’ll stop with being all deep and philosophical here. But I will say, what makes a kitchen is what you put into it, and that includes all the pretty little things like a toaster, mug tree, slow cooker, mixer or kettle.

Bon Appetit

I’m always searching for the latest Kitchen must haves to make my sanctuary that little bit sweeter.

Since we’ve been looking at tiling, because did you know that’s not something developers call standard, I have been awing at some of these gorgeous accessories.

As you can see, anything that incorporates wood to match our butcher block surfaces is a instant winner for me!

What’s your favourite kitchen utensil / accessories? 

As always, comment below. I love reading your thoughts. 

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