Keep your car Healthy


They get us from A to B, and everywhere else in between.
You forget how much we rely on them until something goes wrong and all of a sudden you are stranded.
If you are like me, you forget they need looking after. Tyre pressure, oil levels, brake pads, coolant. It doesn’t just look after itself, unfortunately!
And if you leave it to fend for itself? Well you’re not only jeopardising the safety of your car, but you’re going to make any problems you do have, a whole lot worse.
So whilst you may have an M.O.T and service every year, you do need to keep an eye on some things every month. Here are a couple too dangerous to miss.

Tyre Tread 

This is the tread in your tyres, that help give you grip on the road, especially in wet weather. If this tread is too low, not only does it make your car illegal on the road, but it endangers your cars ability to slow and safe stopping distance, especially in the wetter weather. 

How do you check it? 

This is easy. Grab a 20p and place it into the main tread grooves of your tyre. If the outer band of the 20p coin is obscured, your tread is above the legal limit.

What could happen if my tyre tread is below the legal limit? 

If pulled over by the police you could face a fine of up to £2500. If you’re lucky enough to avoid the police but continue to drive with illegal tyres, you could experience aquaplaning in wet weather. You will not be able to brake, steer or accelerate giving you a higher risk of a collision. So make sure your car tyre thread is above the legal limit, if you are looking to buy news ones wide range of tyres in Leven are available at Fife Autocentre. 

Oil levels 

This is the ‘bloodline’ of you car, ensuring your engine is lubricated to run smoothly. Without oil, your car would burn up and seize in a matter of seconds. It is advised to check and change your oil every 5,000 miles or every 6 months whatever comes first.

How do you check? 

Again, this is super easy. Make sure your car is switched off. Pop the bonnet and search for the dip stick. Ensure you have a clean rag or cloth. Pull out the dipstick, and wipe it off clean on your rag. Insert the stick back into the pipe and pull out again. Look at the film of oil at the end of the stick. How high the oil reaches up the stick and the condition of the oil will indicate whether you need to add or change your oil. If you oil is black and thin, you’ll need to change your oil.

Is this something that’s checked on a MOT? 

No, its not. Thats why you need to keep on top of it yourself. Oil is checked and replaced on your yearly service, but it is something you need to check at frequent intervals throughout the year.
A car can be a costly investment for anyone. Be sure to keep yourself safe by checking the above factors regularly. Do not underestimate the importance of MOT’s and Services, and ensure you seek advice from professionals.
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** This post has been sponsored by Fife Autocentre, to raise awareness for their “Car maintenance tips for summer” campaign. All opinions are my own**