Urban Chic – Home Interior Brainstorm

Urban Chic – Home Interior Brainstorm

Hay Dolls.

You know how much I love interior. I love it. And now I am even more addicted with the home since having my own and determined to make our own style. Hunting antique shops, online stores and regularly visiting Ikea, we are really trying to establish a home interior that will work with our space and maximise it as much as possible.

We haven’t been home owners all that long, but with future thinking happening regularly, we really have had to think and be realistic as to when we will be moving on. Neither of us can really be bothered to move any time soon, so we really want to maximise the space, and opportunity within our apartment.

With high ceilings and the label of a ‘apartment’, we really are playing with urban and old to create a interior that compliments the space. With that in mind, I’ve been creating urban interior ‘brainstorms’ that we want to incorporate into the home, and I thought I’d share. Aren’t I lovely? 

Copper really is ‘in’ and I love the rustic, urban feel its give to your kitchen. Light, natural colours, mixed with smooth fabric are key to our apartment. Straight lines and smooth curves, with warm and stark colours. We love wood, and like to try and keep it as rustic, raw and antique as possible. 

Urban Chic

Funky patterns, colours and fabrics can add depth, so we are keen to play with patterns too. We have been a bit ‘too plain’ lately. We wanna come away from that if we can, adding patterns to rugs, cushions and curtains. 

I love the urban chic look of a real apartment, and with our new lights really embracing that, I am so excited to get going on some new home pieces.

What interior style’s do you enjoy at the moment? 

Anything you think we should incorporate? 

Share and comment below. 

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