Weekly Update – Five Things

Weekly Update – Five Things

Hallo Lovelies.

Another week another dollar, and another 5 things I’m going to blab on about because I can. Its been a couple weeks since rambling on regarding my week, or weeks in this case. It’s not Sunday, I know, but spice up your life and all. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet I promise!

1: I’ve been ill. 
It’s ruddy May and it’s freezing. The gorgeous pumps and strappy tops I bought all ambitious like last week have no use because I need jumpers and scarfs. To top it off, I have succumbed to god awful cold, cough and headache. I wouldn’t mind, but coughing my guts up every night a 2am doesn’t give me the nicest bags under my eyes!

2: I watched 13 Reasons Why! 
Thanks to the above, my bank holiday weekend mostly consisted of me, wrapped up in a duvet, snuggled on our corner sofa watching Netflix till I crashed. And since all everyone talks about is 13 Reasons Why, I thought I’d follow the crowd and jump on the wagon. If you haven’t, why bloody hell not, because jhezze its good! It made me thankful its the only real thing I wanted to do all weekend.

3: Being super stressed is a regular feeling 
Money, work, saving, family, friends, health. There is plenty to get stressed about, and it seems to be something I am overthinking, and worrying about. If only I could switch off and learn to relax, there really isn’t any point in worrying about things you can’t change.

4: I am obsessed with bargain hunting in Antique Shops 
You may be fully aware of my regular trips to Lewes for a coffee and mooch around Antique Stores. Well it’s my new found Sunday tradition, and usually find plenty of gorgeous additions for the apartment.

5: I’m talking too much wedding 
There is nothing worse than those bride-to-bes who only talk weddings. And I know some. Being a friend, family member or even a acquaintance, it’s not good; not everyone wants to talk centre pieces, colour schemes, nor favour ideas. Of course, I am excited and love talking wedding, of course, but I a conscious of becoming one of those. I think I need to tone it down a little, and even on my blog. Sorry if you have become a little fed up of the wedding content!

So it’s once again Sunday, and the weekend has flown by. I really don’t appreciate monday is just around the corner, and this time it’s not a bank holiday one *sigh*. Back to work for the daily grind. But hey, we have another weekend in just five days. We will survive.

Have a good one, remeber to check in, there will be plenty going on over here.

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