Weekly Update – Thank you

Weekly Update – Thank you

Aren’t you guys terribly lucky, having 3 posts from me in one bloody weekend. Don’t get too used to it, I like to keep things spread out and knowing my previous track record, I don’t want to over promise and under deliver!

I’ll try and keep this brief, because I am bombarding you poor people, and god Charlotte, didn’t you know it’s a bank holiday and we have better things to do than reading your blog?!

But I really wanted to say thankyou.
Thank you blogging community to be everything and more you offer. I have been suffering terribly with Anxiety lately, and starting a new job at the start of the week was enough to put me into over drive. Panic, worry, fear and more took over and well, being in tears ten minutes before you’re due to start is no ideal way to rock up on the first day, ay!

But after a lil blast on twitter, reaching out for support, I was truly taken aback from the kind words, well wishes, and support the blogging community has given to me. Even the post I nervously shared received so many positive and supporting messages from fellow bloggers and anxiety sufferers, it really restored my faith in humanity and the good nature of this little community I seem to be settling into.

In light of the terrible attacks earlier this week, It has been remarkable to see how we as a growing community can support and guide each other. Of course, there are teething problems, as with anything, but this week has shown me more than ever, the blogging community is truly remarkable and I’m bloody glad to be a part of it.

That’s all from me on that front. 
I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and stay safe! 

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