Lifestyle | What we should have learnt in school

Lifestyle | What we should have learnt in school

We all joke about when, in reality, will we use most of what we had been taught at school. Like honestly, when has pie ever been a use to me, literally? And photosynthesis and knowledge of rock formations have literally had no use other than whacking out some random knowledge in the odd occasion I partake in a quiz. Which is like never.

So what’s my point? We should have been taught stuff we would ACTUALLY use! Here’s what I mean:

Employee rights and Laws 
This is a big one for me. So many companies do not treat their employees with equality, respect and to the law.  It would be super helpful if we as individuals were knowledgeable in employee law and what rights we have. It is unfair that many individuals, unknowingly are put at job risk, and treated unlawfully by employers.

I’m here saying it again, but we should all be aware of mortgages, difference in mortgage types, rates and the implications of having one. The prospect of a mortgage for many seems scary, yet with the knowledge, it’s not all as bad as it seems. Knowledge could get more young people on the property ladder, rather than stuck in the renting cycle.

 What do we pay tax for? How is this calculated? When do you know you are being taxed too much? These are all questions we should all be able to answer. Sad reality is, not many of us know what we should around tax and how it can affect us. Again, it’s an important factor we should be knowledgeable in, and sometimes when it’s wrong, it can bite us in the bum!

Credit / Loans
When is it a good deal on credit? What is APR Variable? Is it actually worth taking out a credit or loan? Again, we should be able to make good decisions based on what we have been taught in regard to credit rates. It would save a lot of young people from getting into sticky situations from dodgy, over-priced loans and credits.

Politics / Elections 
Voting for future members of parliament and party leaders is a big decision. Take a look at Brexit and the number of uneducated votes conducted on basis of propaganda and lack of knowledge on politics. If only we were away of policies, and basic politics, we could all make better judgments on what truly matter to us, as individuals.

Its a shame we have to go through some of the tough stuff without knowledge that we should have. Whilst seeking advice is nothing to be ashamed of, for a more secure future for many of the youth, it would be handy to know first hand, what is needed to get on the property ladder, make good financial decisions, and take part in politics successfully.

What are your thoughts? Anything you agree or disagree with? 
I love reading your thoughts, so be sure to comment below.

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