A suitcase full – Holiday Shop

A suitcase full  – Holiday Shop

Hey, the summer is fast approaching and well, I am not prepared, at all!

The mixed weather Britain has been giving us has thrown me right off balance, and I never know whether to be safe with ripped black jeans or be daring with a summer frock.

I don’t think I hate weather as much as I do in the summertime in the UK. It’s so unknown and moody!

But have no fear, I’ve got us brits covered, kind of, and included a suitcase full of clothing that, if you’re like me and not venturing anywhere other than the park this summer, you will be covered for all eventualities.

Summer Wardrobe '17

Playsuits are a personal fav in summer. So easy to wear, dress up and even dress down for a relaxed beach occasion or a girlie night out on the town. What’s even better you’re guaranteed to keep cool.

For a more relaxed look, denim shorts, slip ons and a boyfriend t-shirt will keep you cool and looking summer ready. Plus, your pins can get some real sun time!

A summer wardrobe has ample opportunity to look stylish, chic and on trend, as well as casual, chilled and effortless.

What’s your favourite summer pieces? 

Anything you would add to my ‘suitcase’ ? 

Let me know and comment below! 

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