Lifestyle | Basically FREE Things to do on a Hot Summers Day

Lifestyle | Basically FREE Things to do on a Hot Summers Day

It’s easy to forget of the Free things we can do when the weather is good in the height of summer. Whilst heading for a weekend away is always a good idea, money can come in the way. Unfortunalty, none of us have a bottomless pit and so when the going is tough, we have to find alternatives.
Have a picnic with friends 
Ok, so the food’s not free, but make it cost effective with everyone bringing a item of food and a bottle. Meet at your nearest park and settle on a couple of blankets under the sun. Bring a garden play set full of bats and balls and have a blast. Practically free!

Go on a walk
This one is free, because walking costs nothing. Whether it’s down the beach, across a field, around your local town, or in the woods, it gets you out, about and under the sun!

Go to the beach 
If you’re like me and lucky enough to live by the sea, this is pretty easy. Grab your sunnies, bikini and towl. A day spent soaking up the fresh sea air and paddling in shallow water is a day well spent! 

Garden Party 
Get everyone to bring a dish and drink and you have yourself a easy, cheap garden party to get together with your pals and keep the fun alive from your own home. Throw on a good summer playlist and pump up your paddling pool and you might as well be in Ibiza. Kinda!

Add a BBQ to the above and get everyone to bring a accomplishment. Burgers, sausages and a tub of ice cream and you have a perfect, low key BBQ!

Go for a cycle ride 
A quick cycle to a close town, across some gorgeous scenery or just to a family members house. A cycle ride can get you out, about and enjoying our gorgeous summer. It’s a perfect excuse for a picnic and a good old natter whilst you pedal.

Make cocktails 
Is there anything better than a good old home-made cocktail, in your back garden, underneath the sun? No? Exactly. I even have some recipes just here to get you started!

Host a movie marathon 
There are some days where the sun is just tooo much! But have no fear, vent out the living room and put on some good old movies to get the summer feel flowing through the TV.

Turn on your sprinkler 
Get that water flowing with a sprinkle of coolness, plus its pretty fun. Everyone has a sprinkler right?

Water balloon / Water pistol fight
This is my fav! What is better than fighting with water, with your friends. Don’t let it get too nasty, but keep some supplies for yourself to make sure you win the battle!

Make slush puppies
Slushies are just delicious, refreshing and they turn your tongue blue or red. What more could you want. Make home-made slushies with fresh fruit or artificial colourings. Not only will it take you back to your childhood, but keep you super cool in the heat!

Create a garden den 
A good past time as a 7 year old, but still just as fun. Who said dens can’t be made in your 20’s? Grab some sheets, pegs, cushions and blankets and you have your new found home outside to shelter from the sunshine but embrace the outdoors. Grab a laptop / tablet and you have a new place to Netflix and chill!

Strawberry Picking 
Not Free per-say but a pretty cheap alternative to embark on one summer’s afternoon. Is there anything better than a strawberry that’s been picked yourself? Create a cake, desert or even cocktail with the ones you’ve picked. I’ve even got the perfect cocktail that embraces a freshly picked strawberry just here.

In your back garden, local camp-site or drive a hour way. Up to you. But grab some friends, a tent and sleeping bag and you are sorted!

Summer can get a little rough with the heat, long days and lack of swimming pools as well as days off! So it’s best when we can enjoy the simple things, including the good weather, and not have to spend a fortune in doing so!

What do you like doing in the summer? 
Anything that should be on my list ? 
As always, comment below! 

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