Fathers Day Gift List

WARNING: Fathers Day is arriving!

I say this because, if you are like me, I glaze over the card stands at the end of the aisles in Tesco because there always seems to be one. On top of that, I lose track of such days at all times of the year. Unless someone told me, I would completely forget mothers & fathers day even existed.

So, as a word of warning, Fathers Day is around the corner, and quiet literally. It’s just next Sunday.

It’s okay though, you have just about enough time to purchase some late gift ideas on-line, so I’ve put together a little gift list, encase this is the first you’ve remembered of father’s day and you have no idea what to get!!

Fathers Day Wishlist

Dad’s can be hard to purchase for. What do you get someone who has given you so much, and ultimately can purchase what ever they damn like, whenever. I always like to go down the practical as well as thoughtful route. A good new tie for work, a snazzy pint glass for Friday nights, or even a new shirt for special occasions or work.

So whether you’ve been a lazy off-spring or just confused and worried about what to get, I hope this little gift list has given you some last minute inspiration to show the love.

What do you usually get? 

Any advice? 

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