Friday feels – 29/5 Playlist

Friday feels – 29/5 Playlist
 Just a quick one I promise, but a NEW feature on my blog, wooo!!

I love trying to find new music, as well as listen to the latest and good old classics. It helps me get ready in the morning, drive to work, and unwind after a tough old day.

I’m always creating private little playlists and well, I thought I’d be a bit different and share my most listened to in a week. This week is a little chart originated, with real feels for summer.

Every Friday I will post a short little post to my weeks playlist for you all to enjoy. Here’s the first of many. It’s on youtube so you can always subscribe if you feel like it, but up to you. 

Let me know your thoughts. 
Any recommendations are welcomed, they may even make it onto my next playlist!

Happy Friday!!

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