Fashion | How to pick a dress to complement your skin

Fashion | How to pick a dress to complement your skin

Finding that perfect dress for a upcoming ball, wedding, event or even prom can be ruddy hard. There is so much to think about, besides the cut of the dress. So many of us forget this and simply put a dress for looking awful down to the style. 

But, have you considered it could be the colour? 

Any dress you wear should flatter your skin tone and help make your face pop! There’s logic in picking the perfect colour that will complement you skin tone so I’ve got some tips to ensure a dress you wear this summer, for any occasion will compliment you perfectly! 

Dark Skin 
If you have a dark skin tone, try to match it with warmer, brighter, deeper tones, and even pastel colours. Choose from the red homecoming dresses in 2017 to really make your skin look warm. 

However, stay away from blacks and browns, as well as cooler colours like silver, grey, and blues. 

Medium Skin 
Medium skin tones should avoid caramel, browns, oranges, beiges, and pale pastels. These shades are just too light and will bring out grey undertones, something you really don’t want. Instead, pick colours that add warmth to your complexion, like brighter, deeper shades and even jewel tones. Medium skin tones go well with emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and amethyst shades, as well as the blue family, greens, and reds, and even deep purples. 

Olive Skin 
Olive skin tones can pull off just about any shade! These skin tones have brown and yellowish undertones, so, consider colours that will go with those, such as bright pinks, any shade of green, and just about anything from orange family of hues. 

Fair Skin 
If you have a fair skin tone, it may have peachy, warm undertones and usually chestnut, golden brown, red, or strawberry blond hair; or cooler undertones with ash blond, black or dark brown hair and no colour in the cheeks.  
If you have more or a fair skin with warm undertones, you will look sensational in earth-tones. Go for pretty much any shade of brown, green, and even grey, navy, or ivory – they will all complement your peachy undertones beautifully. 
The lighter shade of orange and red families, like rose red, rose pink, apricot, light pink, and peach, also work really well. Overall, it is about flattering your gorgeous, yet subtle, red undertone in your skin. 
As for shades to avoid, you will do well to stay away from neons and exceptionally bright colours that will truly clash with your tone. Black may also prove too harsh and dark, whereas white will be too pale, making you look rather ill. 
If you have fair skin and cooler undertones, you will look amazing in the berry family, like deep red, strawberry, deep purple, boysenberry, and raspberry pink. It creates a gorgeous contrast with your skin and may bring out just the perfect hint of colour in your pale cheeks. What’s more, jewel tones also flatter you skin perfectly, such as amethyst, turquoise, and emerald. 
Stay far away from silver, if you love the metallic family, and instead choose a gold dress. Also, avoid shades that are just too light and bright. White dresses will make you look extra pale and black will have you looking like a hard-core goth. Yellows, lilacs, and neons will also not bring out the best in your skin tone. 
These tips can really help when you’re stuck on colours, and really not sure what to avoid! 

Do you find it hard to find shades that suit your skin tone? 

Any advice for those struggling? 

Start some chatter below! 

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