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It’s only recently that I delved back into the world of Interviewing for a new job. It’s not something any of us really enjoy, being grilled as to why you would be good for a role you don’t know too much about, but it has to be done when wanting a new adventure or better yourself.

Unfortunately for me, my job situation wasn’t ideal, and with financial commitments of a mortgage, I had to make a decision for me and look for something else.
With that came interviews. Phone interviews, Skype interviews, and face to face interviews.

I wouldn’t say I’m the queen of them, certainly not, but as times gone by and I’ve endured some god awful ones, and successful ones, I thought I’d share some nugget of advice.

Don’t panic 
You’ve got an interview – Yayyy!! Of course, you’re ecstatic, this is the first step to getting the job! Please don’t panic. You will not be eaten alive! Be yourself, prepare successfully, and take deep breaths. You can do this, this is your time to shine, prove yourself and make them realise you are perfect for the job!

Some interviews will offer you the back knowledge into the company, competitors etc etc. Some interviewees expect you know know that. Don’t be caught off guard and do your research. Who the company are, what they do, competitors, history and ultimately what your job will entail, your responsibilities and what they are looking for in you. Remember to plan your route to the interview, there is nothing worse than being late!

You may have done a little bit of this in the application, but prepare for reasons why you will be good for the role. Think of past experiences where you have been in similar situations, and dealt with it respectfully and successfully. Prepare for the questions including why you’re looking for a new role. This is always a tricky one, but I always say be open and honest, unless its because you suck at the job, then maybe not!

Dress Appropriately 
Smart casual is always a good shout. However, if you are applying for a role in a law firm, turning up in black jeans and a jumper isn’t going to be appropriate.

Be open and honest  
Kinda mentioned this already, but it’s always wise to be open and honest. Do not try and wing an answer to a question you don’t know. It will look worse on you, so just apologise and say you don’t know. They will respect you more for being upfront and honest than not.
If there is travel you will have to consider, notify them of that if asked. If you would be taking a pay decrease and it could impact your decision, be open and honest if asked. You don’t want to kid yourself or your potential employer when it could impact your decision or success in the role. 

Ask Questions
The important ones that will help you make a decision if you are offered the role. Pension, progression, bonus’, holiday, car parking even breaks. There are lots of questions you might want to ask and is worthing knowing in order to make an informed decision. For bonus points, and if you feel ballsy, ask why they are recruiting and staff turnover.
A company with high staff turnover is always a little worrying. You don’t want to be joining a company where many staff have left within a short period of joining.

Remember, this is your chance too
I tend to forget this one myself, but remember, this is your chance too, to assess the company, people, environment, and role for yourself. This is their chance to woo you into the role and opportunity and why you should consider the role more seriously if offered the job!

Searching for a new job can bring about all sort of emotions, including worry and fear. But remember why you are doing it, and see it as an opportunity to better yourself, progress and start a new chapter in a new company and role.

Do you have any tips for anyone going through job interviews? 
 Something you feel I’ve missed out on? 
 I love hearing your thoughts, so please comment below!  

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