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Do you remember when Walkman’s came out?

The slimline silver Sony Walkmans.

We were all so chuffed that we could listen to our favorite cd’s on the move to yourself and not have to listen to dad’s old music.

Yeah, it was bliss. It was magical to be exact.

Well, until you forgot you had to hold it / carry it everywhere. Otherwise, upon walking away from where you had left your Walkman, you would yank your either you earbuds or ears out, either of which ruddy hurt!

Then, we all wished it was wireless!
It was only last week when I yanked on my earbud wire, that I felt like I did with a walkman – I am fed up with being restricted with wires!!

Upon searching for some wireless headphones for long journeys, gym workouts and blocking out tv football, I found a on-line site that will help you search for the best and latest wireless products to suit your needs! And they don’t just refer to headphones, they refer to EVERYTHING wireless!! 

There is nothing worse than headphones that get caught in your jacket, scarf, bag strap, anything! Especially when all you want to do is listen to Ed Sheeran’s album back to back whilst enduring your latest assignment.

I am loving the face we are slowly turning into a world free of wires! I am little anal with everything and like to keep all in a neat, tidy flurry, so with a world going wireless, products offering better connectivity and endless possibilities, I am all for wireless technology.

What are your favourite wireless products? 

Any headphones you think I need to give a try? 

Let me know and comment below! 

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