Paddle Boarding in the sunshine*

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to my first ever blogger event!!

Well, I’ve been invited to a couple, but this was one I could actually make, because didn’t you know a girls got to work, I’m not no big shot blogger yet!

So as you can imagine I was ruddy excited!

In my new job, I have met some lovely ladies who happen to be fellow bloggers too! I’m not lucky enough to have a pool of blogger friends on hand, so to have 2 in one office is a miracle and blessing.

The event was held in Hove, not too far from me, on a gorgeous Thursday afternoon. The event? A afternoon of watersports at the lagoon!
Now, lemme be straight with you, I am a swimmer. I love water, but not the English water! Hilarious I know, but I’ve been spoiled with carribean sands and warm tepid water. Unfortunatly, we’re not fortunate enough for that here in the UK.

The event included paddle boarding as well as wake boarding. As I changed into my wet suit, and squeezed my life jacket over my head, I quickly questioned why the hell I was there, and I was kidding myself I would enjoy it.

In actual fact, it was ruddy good fun. There is a knack to be had with paddle boarding, and standing on top of a float is harder than it looks, yet once you get into the flow of things, not only is it fun, it’s soothing and a good work out too!!

I would love to do this again, especially with a group of friends, on a gorgeous summers day, with a BBQ brewing! There are soo many places across the UK you can try paddle boarding for yourself, but I would highly recommend Lagoon Water Sports in Hove.

Within the comfort of the lagoon, you have ample opportunity to get your bearings and master paddle boarding before venturing into the waves.

If you’re thinking of doing something extra-ordinary for your birthday, hen do or even stag do, I would highly recommend!

What’s more entertaining that trying something completely different, probably make a tit of yourself, and laugh at your friends too?


Have you ever been paddle boarding? 

Considered it? 

Start a conversation below!! 

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