Perfect Picnic must have’s for a Summer Day Trip*

You know what I love? A day trip.

A trip to the beach, or a local attraction, or even a landmark. Something that gets me away from home, gives me a little drive and gets me out and about, exploring and creating a mini adventure.

The best bit of all is the Picnic.

Home made food packed neatly into a basket, all prepared for the vital time of lunch. A quilted blanket, cold beverages and the awaiting variety of sweet and savory food.

That is the idealic day trip utensil for a Summer Day trip.

Over the years I have managed to create the perfect combination to satisfy all needs when it comes to the perfect picnic, so I thought I’d share with you my must have checklist.
Basket & Blanket 
Is it even a picnic if you don’t have a special basket and blanket to settle down on and keep safe those all important food items that will turn your day trip from zero to bloody hero. No, didn’t think so. Extra brownie points are rewarded if you have yourself a basket which includes plates, cups and cutlery! You know, you can find the most perfect picnic basket at

Hand Sanitizer – Err, well you’ve probably been touching stuff and that doesn’t taste good with Egg & Cress sandwiches.
Napkins – Always crumbs, always.
Plastic Cups, plates, cutlery – We’re not slobs, we are on a civilised picnic, and so cutlery and plates are required.
Sandwiches – Egg & Cress, Ham & Cucumber or just cheese. Take your pick, but you have to have these fillings or don’t even bother.
Scotch Eggs – Scotch Eggs, the pinacle of any picnic, and highlight of any lunch.
Cocktail sausages – All miniture food is amazing and just perfect for a picnic. So of course, cocktail sausages had to be one of them!!
Mini Pork Pies – Don’t have to be mini, don’t have to be greedy.
Family Bags of crisps – Salt & Vinegar Twirls / Cheese Balls 
Party Rings – Because no party is a party without party rings. Btw, it’s not really a party but a picnic but it’s still the same.
Strawberries – Is it even a summer trip if you don’t have strawberries. Refreshing, summery and perfect for a picnic.

So, whether its a trip to the beach, castle or city, you can never be over prepared with a god old picnic to tidy you over on your travels.

Anything I’ve missed that should be on this list?

Where’s your favorite place to picnic?

Lemme know and comment below!

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