Wedding | Choosing a cake


Everyone loves Cake, and it’s the most traditional part of the wedding.

What is a wedding without a wedding cake?


However, choosing a cake seems to be a little more tedious than you would imagine. Like anything to do with wedding, there is ample choice and style and takes a lot of consideration before you can firmly decide on the ‘perfect’ cake.
So what’s there to consider?? Well, a lot actually!

Fruit or sponge? Flavourings? 

Fruit cake or sponge, or even both. The best thing about a sponge cake is the endless possibilities of flavour combinations. Unfortunately, this isn’t something fruit cake offers. But, if you can’t make up your mind, do both. But remember, fruit is heavy and so always has to be the bottom tier when stacking.

How many tiers? 

3 is the norm usually. However, it’s completely up to you. Remember you have lots of guests that without doubt will want to try a piece. But don’t over expect, you don’t want to be left with lots of leftovers, especially with a sponge cake. Fruit cake keeps, and tradition suggests you keep the top layer for the christening of your first child! 


What icing if any will you use. Thanks to the popularity of naked cakes, you don’t even need to have icing. Or maybe you prefer the more traditional of plain white with little beading. Whatever style you’re looking to incorporate, icing is something you need to consider, it can really impact your final decision. 

Decorations ? 

It doesn’t just stop at a cake topper. Oh no. Embellishments, flowers, edible decorations or even fruit. So many ideas for any style or theme you’re incorporating. Think carefully on how you would like your cake decorated. Remember the fancier it is, the more expensive it is. Arrangements of fake flowers are easy to use and leave little mess. Plus, when it comes down to cutting, they’re easy to remove.


As with everything, you don’t have to do the ‘norm’. There are plenty or alternatives to a wedding cake including cupcakes, donuts, pies and deserts. Or one better and a tiered cheese cake.

There are lots of things to consider with any wedding, and a wedding cake is no different. Just make sure you go for something you like and want. There is nothing worse than making decisions based on others prefrences.

What cake would you look to have? 

Are you a traditional? 

Start some natter below! 

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