Weekly Playlist – 19/6/2017

Weekly Playlist – 19/6/2017

Fri-yay is here once again!!!

I will say one thing, friday’s seem to be coming around quick and fast, especially with this new post thread!

I’ve once again created a unique playlist to ensure your weekend is chilled and relaxed after a long week in this unbearable heat.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sunny spell, but not enough to make me sweat profusely and have no idea what is suitable to wear to work without looking like a stripper.

As you will probably tell, I have fallen in love once again with Radio One Live Lounge sets and have plenty in this weeks playlist. Along with good old classics and music that has got me through this long week!


Hope you all love it, as always comment below any tunes you are feeling this weekend!
Have a good friday!!


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