Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Hello Lovelies.

You know, thank god for scheduled content and wifi cos last weekend was a manic one, and whilst I may not be making conversation, a weekend break on a hen do (I’ll get to that in a sec) ,and lack of time to do anything but laugh, I was half expecting to come back to carnage.

Buttttt, nothing actually seemed to self destruct and my blog seems in tact, as well as my apartment after the fiancée had to cope 2 nights without me!

Have no fear, this will not be a regular occasion I promise! Again, my fiancée is happy to hear that too.

So yeah, a hen do! And what a hen do! I don’t want to go into too much detail since I have a post coming up which will give you all the dets, but it was a bloody good one full of plenty of Prosecco, wine and giggles!

If you follow me on insta, you’d have seen a couple of pictures of the gorgeous house we stayed in, and the antics that flowed throughout the weekend. Again, won’t go into too much details, but we stayed in a gorgeous house, over looking the sea and what gorgeous weather we endured. I managed to get a lil tan, and some down time following a busy week!

Apart from the hen do, not a lot else has been going on.

My blog life is growing, work life is blossoming and my own wedding journey is plodding along lovely. I have *nearly* booked everything, and plenty is organised to get Bridesmaid dresses, my own hen do organised and lots of other bits and bobs!

I also have lots of exciting and new upcoming posts coming your way. You may, or may not have noticed my irregular posting. One week I post every day, others every other. I am desperate to post at regular intervals. There is nothing worse than having lots of content and little engagement!

I am seriously considering starting a YouTube channel, but vlogging isn’t something I’m 100% confident it right now. You guys would be the first to know if I do ofcourse.

So besides those little nuggets of info, there’s not much else to update you guys on.

Here’s to another week. Let’s hope this one goes as quickly as all the others! 
Have a good one loves! 

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