Lifestyle | When to be selfish

Lifestyle | When to be selfish

Hay Dolls.

You know, this was a post I was planning whilst in the shower. I was onto the second stage of my hair routine (shampoo and rinse), when it came to me, that there are good times to be selfish.

I am currently embarking on this. With recent developments in life in every area possible, I have realised I have to think about myself, and I have actually been thinking of others for farrr too long.

I’ll digest.

Do you ever choose a less favorable decision because you know it will please someone else? Do you miss out on an opportunity because you don’t want someone else to think badly of you? Do you avoid circumstances because it would be easier? Do you put others happiness above your own?

Whilst it’s great to be selfless, and I’m not asking you to become a complete selfish bitch, you know you could be causing you more harm than good, right?

Being unhappy in any walk in life can effect things you didn’t even know was possible.
Take my skin, my skin has been the worse it has ever because of stress. Breakouts, dryness and even rashes. The root of the cause? Fear of letting others down, and worrying about what others will think. Resolution : be bloody selfish. I’m not happy. Frankly I’m miserable. I hate ‘letting people down’ but those who I thought I would be are the people that have said it doesn’t ruddy matter!

Being happy is hard to find, and most times it feels when one area is going well, another part is going terribly wrong. But there is a happy medium to be found. And that will come with being selfish when needed. Here are a couple of examples when you really should be selfish :

In a unhealthy relationship 
Everyone has had one of these unfortunately, and most of the time, we are not selfish when it comes to breaking it off. You’re unhappy and it’s taking a toll on other areas. You need to be selfish and put your happiness above others. Staying in a relationship to avoid hurting someone else is worse than ending it all together. Do yourself and your partner a favour and quit whilst you can.

Job impacting Home
There is nothing worse than doing a job that is hurting your home lifestyle. Whether you’re stressed, tired or stretched, it will take its toll on your happiness, mood and health. If it’s too much, speak up. Your health and happiness is worth so much more than a job role, title and income. Be selfish.

Pleasing others 
Its a vicious one this. Where do you draw the line. Going to their favourite restaurant, cafe, shop or watching their choose movie or even listening to their music. This is all to please others. But don’t worry, I’m not asking you to stop and have a tantrum when you don’t get your own way. But I’m just drawing your attention to this. This is where it starts with most people. And it can spiral, very very quickly. Before you know it, your life is on hold because you’re living by their time frames, standards and lifestyle.

This is everything, rolled into one. Unhappiness is the biggest reason why you should be selfish when it matters. Whether it’s a tiny or a big situation, they can all make the world of difference in your overall happiness. Being happy in everything you do will bring joy, even when you have to go to work or anything else you really would prefer to avoid.

I cannot express how important it is for your mental health, that you are successful in being happy. You may not even understand you truly aren’t happy, but when it becomes clear, you will wonder how you put up with it for so long. Being selfish is a conscious act to being happy. With out it, you will continue to put others happiness above yours, and you will always find yourself feeling unsatisfied and unhappy.

When have you recently been selfish? Do you put others happiness above your own? 
I love hearing your thoughts, so be sure to comment below. 

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