Lifestyle | Five Things to do to save money this month

Lifestyle | Five Things to do to save money this month

Expenses. Bills. Food. Petrol. We all endure money costs month in month out. The worst bit is feeling like you can’t avoid them, and of course, some you can’t.

But there are some ways you can save money, especially when you really could do with a cheap month.

So where can you cut corners?

Change supermarket 

 It’s the best decision we made when wanting to cut costs down. Switching from our usual Tesco to Aldi has not only cut back on our costs, but on our waistline. Whilst some people say the likes of Aldi & Lidl restrict your choice, we find we only pick up what we need, including less snacks and chocolate!

Swap brands 

If you’re not soo keen on swapping supermarkets, try the own brands. Supermarket own brands can sometimes work out half the price, with very little difference on taste. Make the switch for a month and notice the stark difference in your food bill. You may not even notice! Even better!

Cut back on takeaways & meals out

Whilst it’s lovely to skip a night of cooking, and to be out and about with friends, family and loved ones, it can get a little expensive. Drop the take-aways, and grab friends and family around for a homemade meal. Even better, have a bring a dish evening to avoid the over load and pressure of cooking for numerous people.

Drop the alcohol 

Don’t drop it all together, just for the time being. Or experiment with own brands and cheaper alternatives if you can’t go cold turkey all together. Think of the rest you will be giving your liver as well as your bank balance. 

Have nights in 

Who says nights in have to be so vanilla? Grab the karaoke, monopoly, cards and bottle of wine. Nights in with your pals and Bridget Jones are much better than the usual crowd in your nearest club. You’ll be surprised how much more gossiping you’ll get done. Plus you’ll notice the difference in your account too!!

So whether you are saving for something special or just wanting to cut back on your expenses, a good place to start are the short term effectives. There are plenty of ways to save long term, but the starting steps take place in the short term spends.

How do you cut your expenditure when you need to? 
Any tips that should be on my list? 
Let me know and comment below! 

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