Blogging | Six month Twenty Seventeen Blogging Review & Goals

July is here and we are officially over the line, the 2nd half of 2017, 50% there!!

A little scary isn’t it?

This year has been a eye-opener to say the least. I have chopped and changed jobs because of insecurity and realised what I want from a career and my life overall. And so once again I have plunged full force into my blogging, social media and growing my little space of the internet. And well …. I am loving it!

Oppertunities are arising and I have a love and sense of pride for my content. Ideas are bubbling of where I want to take myself and a life of a charlotte and I am super excited with the future.

As always baby steps are needed to reach your end goal, and so monitoring success from achieving goals is vital. Since it’s you guys that read my content, engage and push me to carry on, succeed and grow, I obviously want to share with you my end of year targets!

Social media Growth

We all know how important it is for us to grow our social media following and engagement for the success of our blog. Despite always loving social media personally, I was always reluctant to push my blog and ‘blog profiles’ as it will.
However, since taking it a little more seriously and investing a lot of time and effort into my Twitter & Instagram profiles, engagement, views and followers on my blog and social media profiles have grown considerably.

Goal : 
3k followers on Twitter.
1k followers on Instagram.
Active on Snap chat.
Create regular Insta Stories. 


Since all of the above, oppertunities have been arising more than ever before, and it’s so exciting. I love working with brands and buisness’ I believe in, use and deem valuable. Currently I haven’t plucked up the courage to approach brands, so I hope over the next 6 months I can.

Goal : 
Embark on futher collaborations with brands.
Create a media pack.
Approach brands successfully.

Content variety 

I completely understand and respect we should have a ‘niche’ per say on our blog. There are soo many of us investing time and hard work into our blogs and many of us can come off as ‘the same’ simply because of our content. However, whilst being ‘niche’ is important, what is the harm in covering topics others do too. We all started on one path, and we all can admit once we have been going for a while, that path has altered or changed completely. The lines have become blurred on what we do and do not cover due to growth of our site as well as ourselves.

I LOVE content variety on any blog, as well as my own. I love bloggers who offer so much variety, you know whatever is the latest, you’ll enjoy. I want my blog to offer you guys that. I want to be relatable, yet different and my niche be whatever the topic, it’s relevant and something you want to click, read and engage with.

Goal : 
Create varable content within each of my categories.
Regulary update content and include new content within all categories regularly.

Create a ‘brand’

It starts with my writing style, image editing and style, instagram feed and expands. There are bloggers that whatever social media platform, post you click on, or content you read, you know who’s talking and reaching out to you. Thats your brand, and I want to create one strong enough followers will be able to instantly recognise my content in whatever capacity.

Goal : 
Establish a recognisable and complementing Instagram feed.
Create content that complements each other on all platforms. 

Be Proud

Self explanitory really. And I’m there already – woo!! 
Overall, I want to be proud of all content, post, picture, tweet and more. If you’re not proud of what you do, what is the point. I’m taking more time scheduling, creating and brainstorming with my content. I have even started to research before hand!!
My end goal is to continue with this, ensuring it becomes a regular aspect of me and my blog growth!

I am super greatful for the small milestones I seem to be making. For every new follow, like, comment and reply, I grow stronger in my blogging. So thank you to you all. 
I hope I continue to create content that you guys like to read, and that these goals will help me create more that you want to read. Whilst I grow, the oppertunities emerge, and the possibilities grow. Youtube is on the horizon, but I need to grow firmer foundations first. 
So before I bore you all half to death, thank you again! Here’s to the next 6 months!! 
Do you have any goals for the remaining 6 months? 
Any tips for me? 
As always, let me know and comment below!  

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