A Brighton Hen – Do

A Brighton Hen – Do

It’s wedding Wednesday and we’re talking hen do’s. This is the first of many on this topic, but what better place to start than on a recent one I had the privileged of being invited to!

So, the other month I bombarded you all with tweets and pictures of a gorgeous hen do weekend in Brighton.

The schedule has been jammed pack but the post is here and I can finally give you all the dets of the weekend!


The new trend for a hen weekend is having the oppertunity to do what you want, when you want. And nothing is better for that then your own home for the entire weekend. We stayed in this stunning 4 bed house through Airbnb.  Gorgeous with ample space for hosting a afternoon tea, games and more.


Peacehaven. There isn’t much there, but the location was stunning. Overlooking the cliffs and onto the sea. What made it even better was the heatwave we all endured, making sunbathing even more enjoyable. 


Of course, with any hen do there were plenty of games including ‘Ring Bling’, ‘Dick heads’, Mr & Mrs and more.  The games started as soon as you arrived and went on throughout the whole weekend.


On the saturday morning, all us hen’s had the plessure of a at home spa treament. We could have anything from head, neck, back or shoulder massage as well as shelac manicure and pedicure. It was absolute bliss not having to leave the comfort of the house and able to completely relax! 


And lots of it! Afternoon tea, crossiant breakfast’s, mexican evening meal out and pizza! Obviously there were plenty of sweet treats in between too!!


I have never really been one for karaoke, however Lucky Star in Brighton is a fantastic venue for those who hate getting up infront of complete strangers. With your own booth, prop box and unlimited song list to choose from, we really were ready to party. To top it off, to get more drinks, you just had to push a button and someone would come and take your order!

Overall, we all enjoyed a fabulous weekend surrounded by sun, sea and laughs. What made the whole weekend enjoyable was the variety of games, activities and just plain fun!

Have you been on any hen do’s recently? 
Got any idea what you would like? 
Start some chatter below! 

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