Exploring Sussex | Ten things to do when visiting the ‘Sunshine Coast’

Exploring Sussex | Ten things to do when visiting the ‘Sunshine Coast’

So, since this summer doesn’t contain a ‘holiday’ per say, ie going to somewhere stunning with a pool and beach, I will be spending my time off, in and around Sussex. There are a couple of trips planned a little further a field, however weekends will be spent enjoying local scenery and towns.

Sussex is such a stunning county with plenty of places to go and visit, beaming with history and quirkiness. So for those of you who haven’t ventured into Sussex, not sure on what’s here, or just nosey to know more, I’m starting a ‘Exploring Sussex’ post series featuring all things Sussex.

Since this is the first of many instalments, where no better place to start than my own home town – Eastbourne. Or the Sunshine Coast as it’s known. So what have we got ? Well…….

The Beach 

Fairly bloody obvious I would suppose, but it’s something not to be missed. Yes, we don’t have the gorgeous white sands of the Caribbean, and the stones can be a little lumpy when sunbathing, but is there anything better than soaking up the sunshine by the good old sea! If you’re not the sunbathing type, then have no fear, there’s plenty of broad walk to venture!

The Pier 

Unfortunately, our pier suffered a fire a couple of years ago, so its not as great as previously was, but, there are still plenty of penny machines and grab claws to keep you entertained, whatever your age.

Why not take a walk down the pier and catch a glimpse across to Beachy Head and Hastings.

Beachy Head / Seven Sisters

If you enjoy a bit of a walk and a view, this one is for you! You can’t get a better view across Eastbourne and really feel like you’re on the edge of the world. It’s a gorgeous walk, especially on a summers day, with gorgeous pit stops along the way for a coffee or even pint!

Sovereign Harbour 

If you’re not so sure on being on top of a cliff, or quiet simply want to avoid any windswept hair styles, our Harbour has lost to offer including individual shops, bars and restaurants. Wander around just the harbour, or venture towards the beach and promenade. Nothing’s too far.

Family Choice – Fort Fun 

One of my childhood playgrounds and bound to keep the whole family entertained whether rain or shine. With indoor play pits, and outdoor trains and water park, it’s a easy entertaining place to soak up the sun, smell the sea air and keep the kids smiling.

Pevensey Castle

Not too far from Eastbourne is Pevensey Castle. There’s not much to see, but it’s one of oldest castles left standing in East Sussex. Roam the grounds and laying town of Pevensey. Is a nice change from the seaside attractions that most of Eastbourne offers.

Family Choice – Treasure Island 

Another playground as a child, Treasure Island is the perfect outdoor attraction on a summers day. Equipped with a outdoor paddling pool, sand pit and large outdoor play frame. Nestled on the beach front, you’re not too far from the beach, and in prime position for sunshine.

If you’re not one for outside play areas, there is a outdoor mini golf course equipped with crocodiles and pirate ships.

Eastbourne Bandstand

During the summer months, you can catch plenty of tribute bands spanning 80s icons to 70s pop bands. You’ll always find something to watch, and there’s no place better to. Located on the beach front, its a gorgeous setting to catch some evening entertainment under the summer night sky!

Eastbourne Lighthouse

Perched on top of the Seven Sisters, its a gorgeous site to visit and get a full 360 degree view of Eastbourne and Beachy Head. You can even stay overnight to make a real unforgettable trip.

Gildredge Park 

If you’re feeling a break from the seaside, there is no better place than Gildredge Park. A large park with lots of open spaces, greenery and large fields perfect for a family game of rounders. If you get a little parched or fancy a 99, there is a local cafe. I would highly suggest a picnic if you feel like making a real day of it.

You’re not far from…. 

Lewes – Gorgeous quaint town full of local antique stores and independent cafes.

Hastings – Another seaside town with a pier, fun fair and plenty of sunshine activities.

Brighton – Just 40mins down the road is the infamous Brighton. Just too much to say on this one. Another post pending.

So whether you are after a day trip to the seaside or a weekend stay in a prime location, the sunshine coast has lots to offer. Stay tuned to this new post series for other Sussex places I love to visit throughout the year.

Have you ever been to Eastbourne? 

Like to visit Sussex? 

Are there any places you would like to visit? 

Why not start some chatter below! 

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