Get to know me – Fifteen Hundred Twitter followers celebration!

Get to know me – Fifteen Hundred Twitter followers celebration!

Pals, I got there! I did it!

My twitter has been a uphill battle gathering followers and creating engagement. I have been slugging my guts off night and day to reap the rewards of being socially active and engaging and I’m finally seeing results.

I have 1500 followers!!!

I am over the moon! Thank you to all those that continue to follow me, encourage me and motivate me to do better. There are sooo many fellow bloggers that are KILLING it and you guys inspire me! I may whine, moan and rant on there some times, but I hope to push some positivity into a platform that can some times be downright nasty and bloody bitchy.

So to celebrate a little, I’ve decided to open up a some more about myself. Give you a little insight into what makes me…me!
Following on from this, I have had soo many ideas on new content to embrace me a little more in my blog and content. But lets get started for now.

– My middle name is Margaretia. Some people call me pizza because of it, and other laugh claiming the wedding is going to be hilarious when they mention it!

– I love to watch the NBA (basketball) and I support the Golden State Warriors. I also fan girl massively over Steph Curry.

– My favourite food is Mexican. I don’t understand anyone who dislikes it!

– I HATE Little Mix with a passion – sorry! 

– My biggest pet peeve is people who don’t indicate. And people who go against the arrows in a car park – it’s still part of the road!!

– I took my driving test twice. They do say the best drivers fail their first test!

– I have a crush on Steve Carrell – he’s just so funny!

– Unpopular opinion : The Office US is better than UK Office…period!

– I prefer Dairy Milk over Galazy any day!

– This is my all time, smile and boogie song >>

-Holidays are classed as a hobbie for me, yet saving for a home and wedding has restricted it quiet a bit.

-I graduated university with a 2:2. I’m not ashamed to admit it, since uni just wasn’t for me in the end.

-Money pertrifies me, I hate working out outgoings and savings. It can even cause me to stress un-necessarily.

-I’m so excited to be married, have a marriage and start a family. I find nothing more motivational than setting the foundations for the future.

-My favourite place in the world is NYC. Is there any place better for sights and shopping??

Once again, thank you to all those that follow me and push me. I love my little space on the internet and the oppertunities it gives me. My aim is to grow and sustain a blog that you guys continue to want to read and engage with. 

I have lots of plans for this site, and ways I want to participate in other areas I am oh so eager to conquer. I love my clothes and style and have always been so worried about doing outfit posts right. Just like youtube, I just need to take the plunge and adapt my own style with it.

Now to get started on my fiancee and getting him to help with outfit post pictures. He can be a tough cookie to crack!

P.s, if you haven’t already, you can check my mid-year blogging goals post just here.

So thanks y’all!!

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